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Presence - Powerful Multipurpose Theme

Presence - Multipurpose Theme with Powerful Pagebuilder

Presence is a modern, premium Octobercms theme that incorporates many practical and powerful CMS tools for your next web project. Presence is the best tool out there for building multipurpose websites with Octobercms. It has no problem adapting to any industry and is extremely simple to use.

Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. Presence is a masterclass piece of work presented to you, to change the way you develop multipurpose websites. Takes care of the difficult, boring technical aspects, as the user focuses on creativity and content creation. This theme achieve this unique functionality be incorporating Component blocks and options that streamline your workflow.

Theme Special Features

  • Modified and Extended Bootstrap 5 with SASS
  • Extra powerful Bootstrap CSS utilities build with SASS
  • Utility first CSS Styling (The theme is built entirely with css utilities and almost no custom css is used)
  • Advanced Page Builder with numerous blocks
  • Static page Previous & Next Navigation
  • Blog Previous & Next Navigation
  • Search feature on menu
  • Ajax language changer in menu
  • Mega menu builder with unlimited submenu items
  • Animated menu items
  • Theme without jQuery dependency*
  • Fast loading, with modern Code and best Octobercms techniques

*The theme is fully functional without the need for the javascript jQuery library except for some plugins that use Octobercms Framework Extras to work properly. These plugins are:

  • Rainlab.Translate (Locale Picker Component)
  • GrofGraf.ContactMe (contactForm Component)

Theme Backend Settings

  • General site settings (Website Name, Url, Author, Author, Description)
  • Custom Copyright
  • Logo and Favicon import feature
  • Pageheader import feature
  • Enable/Disable Octobercms Framework Extras
  • Enable/Disable Multilanguage Support
  • Enable/Disable Site search support
  • Social Media links creation
  • Advanced Font customization (Text & Heading Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height)
  • Google fonts import feature
  • Extended theme color customization (Special colors, Basic colors, Gray colors, Font colors)
  • Powerful Grid settings including Breakpoints, Containers and Column settings
  • Blog Category Layout settings
  • Blog Post Layout settings
  • Advanced editors to be able to import your own custom CSS and Scripts
  • Google analytics code feature

Theme Blog Features & Pages

  • Blog category with left sidebar
  • Blog category with right sidebar
  • Blog category without sidebar
  • Blog post with left sidebar
  • Blog post with right sidebar
  • Blog post without sidebar
  • Blog categories advanced multicategory menu widget on sidebar
  • Blog Posts Previous & Next Navigation
  • Blog latest posts widget on sidebar
  • Blog popular posts widget on sidebar
  • Blog post tags widget on sidebar
  • Blog post images carousel
  • Blog post Disqus comments
  • Blog post related posts
  • Blog tag page

Theme Other Pages

  • Error page 404
  • Page 500
  • Search page
  • Required plugins
  • Rainlab.Pages
  • Rainlab.Blog
  • Rainlab.Translate
  • OFFLINE.SiteSearch
  • GinoPane.BlogTaxonomy
  • PolloZen.MostVisited
  • GrofGraf.ContactMe